K-5th grade Ministries May 10, 2019


May 10, 2019

  • Sundays in May at WCC
  • Special Mother’s Day Activities This Sunday!
  • Grow Wednesday Program (6:30-8:00pm) May Theme: Perseverance!
  • Kids Night Out: May 17th
  • VBS 2019: Roar!! Registration is Open!!
  • Summer Camp Update-We Still Have Openings!
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May 12-Mother’s Day Surprise: We’ll make some special gifts for mothers or significant women in our lives and talk about what God says about honoring our mothers.

May 19: Celebration Sunday: Kids will be invited in to the sanctuary all hour for a celebration of all programs from the year. This kid friendly service will feature k-5th graders singing songs learned during our Wednesday programming this year. If your kids haven’t been coming on Wednesdays they can still sing with us! Click on the spotify link to hear and practice songs:


May 26: Memorial Day Celebration: On this day we’ll write letters to servicemen and women who are protecting us in our country. I’ll mail them off for the group. In addition we’ll plant sunflowers which we’ll put in our gardens at home to remember those who have passed away in our lives. We’ll all watch them grow all summer!

Wednesdays at WCC!!

Throughout history, God has offered strength to help people persevere through difficult situations. Jesus persevered through death itself to make it possible for us to have a forever relationship with God. 

May 15th: Cloud of Witnesses Hebrews 12:1

Bottom Line week 3: God can help you let go of what is holding you back.

May 15th is the last day of Wednesday programming for the year! We will have an ice cream party and games in the gym to celebrate!

Open gym-Each Wednesday the gym is open for free play from 5:30-6:30 before class starts. Responsible high school students are in the room to monitor kids as they play. All kids are called into their classes by leaders at 6:30 sharp.

Each week Miss Autumn joins us during class to teach songs that tie in with our monthly theme! All kids also have small group leaders who meet with them each week to build relationships and to teach the lessons through games and activities. Research shows that all kids need caring adults other than their parents in their lives to walk with them on the journey. Our committed leaders understand this mission and have signed on for the year to walk in faith with your kids! Take the time to thank your child’s leaders each week.

Small group leaders 2018-19:

Kdg- Shana Shurson, Katie Page

1st-Jodie Nyberg, (I’d love your help!!)

2nd-Mary Luse and Kara O’brien

3rd-Dawn Smiley and Jonathan Robinson

4th-Beth Schneider and Jenny Masters Wolfe

5th-Dave Carlson and Tracy Bullock

Make sure to thank your child’s leaders this week (5/15) on the last day of class this year!


Join us for the last Kids night Out of the program year on Friday May 17th from 6-10pm.All kids ages 3 through 5th grade are invited. Friends are always welcome! Middle Schoolers welcome to come as helpers (no cost). Just let Jodie know they are joining us! Click here to register today:


VBS 2019!! Aug. 12-16  (9-12 daily) 

Registration has now opened for VBS 2019. All kids ages 3-5th grade are invited to attend. Kids entering middle school next year and older can sign up to be on the junior counselor team. Older than 14 can apply to be a senior counselor (Look for details in April). Once again this year we have an option for extended day on Monday through Thursday.

Click on the links below to register:

Over 110 kids (3rd-5th grade) have already registered for summer camp this summer. Both of the children’s sessions are in July this year. Session 1 still has openings! Jump on board before this session fills up! I promise, your kiddos will have the time of their life!! Register on the WCC website today!