Spiritual formation in the Christian tradition answers a specific human question:
‘What kind of person am I going to be?’ It is the process of establishing the character of Christ in the person. That’s all it is.  (Dallas Willard)

The purpose of Christian education is to form, rather than inform.  At Wayzata Community Church, we celebrate the curiosity God has given us and our thirst to learn.  But this learning is not an end in itself.  We believe that through the things we learn and the habits we change because of that learning, God is making us into new, more Christ-like people (Romans 12.1-2).  In our church, we picture that transformation as God’s project of infusing our lives with the The Inclusive Love Of Jesus.

All of this moves us eagerly toward the Bible.  The great Greek philosopher, Aristotle, once wrote that the archer has a far greater chance of hitting his target if he knows where it is (Nichomachaean Ethics 1094b7-8).  We believe that God gave us a picture of our purpose in Jesus.  That’s why we study the Gospels and the rest of scripture with an eye fixed on God’s character as it is revealed there.  We learn Jesus’ words by heart, imagine his magnificent deeds, marvel at the love of the cross and the power of the resurrection; and hope that God is changing us through them.

All this learning moves us toward our neighbor and our world.  In relevant Christianity, education is not a cul de sac, but a through-way.  With the Bible in one hand, we reach for our newspaper with the other, because we are committed to the complex task of living out The Inclusive Love of Jesus in our complex world.  God has welcomed us, and we pray that God is working through us to welcome and love others – including you.  Join us!

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