Big Tent Theology

We want everyone to feel welcome here. We have not reached far enough yet or welcomed fully enough. But God is calling us to open our hearts and our doors ever wider.

Faith & Learning Opportunities

Wayzata Community Church offers a variety of faith & learning opportunities for adults, including Bible Studies, retreats, workshops and classes.

Faith & Learning Groups
Choose from a variety of learning opportunities: Bible Studies, Wednesday classes and special guest speakers, and retreats, offered every week on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Adult Education

People who attend or join WCC are most often hungry to learn more – about God, about Jesus, about the Bible, about world religions, about what a life lived with God looks like in our complex world.   We get our food through the variety of rich offerings in our Adult Education ministry.  Whether through Bible Studies, our unique Courageous Conversations about pressing issues of our day, classes on prayer or other spiritual practices, spiritual camps and retreats, or fellowship groups, we see God change us as we learn.  God uses our learning to make us, day by day, into people who “inspire the world with the inclusive love of Jesus.”  Join us!

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