Advent CORE Class

Sent from God, Swaddled in a Manger
Wednesdays, November 29 – December 13
Taught by Rustin Comer and Ron Troxel
10 a.m. and  7:15 p.m. in the Colonnade

Each Advent we hear stories about an angel’s announcement to Mary that she will bear a son, about the child born in a manger, and shepherds startled by an angelic host. But a star that travels ahead of the Magi until it stands over the family’s dwelling conflicts with what we know of astronomy, and the report that the Magi find the family in a “house” seems a different scene than a manger in a stable. And although we hear that this birth is news of God come to dwell among us, in what sense is this child God’s presence? Whom or what do we receive at Christmas?

November 29: A look at the differences between Matthew and Luke and how these difference have become conflated in our celebration of Advent and Christmas. Join us as we look at why stories matter and what makes them “true.”

December 6: The Christmas story for a Jewish audience: Matthew – A look at how Matthew is following the story line of Moses, including the quandary over Mary’s pregnancy, etc. Is the Christmas story Christian?

December 13:  The Christmas story for a Gentile Audience: A dive into how the Christmas story speaks truth to power.  Luke’s way of telling the story to make it fit a Roman context, particularly in his attempt to show the legitimacy of the gospel message for Roman ears, including his use of the Magnificat and the theme of poverty. 

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