April CORE Classes

Adult Faith Formation Classes 

More Than A Good Story: Of Kings, Prophets, and the Wise
with Dr. Ronald Troxel
Wednesdays, April 4 – May 16
10 a.m. & 4 p.m. in the Chapel
$20 class fee
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The Sunday School lessons of our youth made Joshua a godly general and gave us the courageous David, an innocent youth who felled a giant with faith and a few stones. Our adult discoveries that Joshua sought to kill everyone in the “promised land” and that David was avaricious can reasonably kindle a sense of betrayal about what we were told of these stories. And even if the prophets’ demands for justice seem boldly relevant today, those men seem given to bouts of madness and vitriol. Equally disappointing is Proverbs, whose proffered wisdom comes off as kitschy. And although Job raises a good question about why bad things happen to good people, the book does not put that question to rest. Why should we bother? How could the Spirit be interested in speaking to us through these flawed books?

(This class continues the study begun under the title, “Does the Spirit Still Speak through the Hebrew Scriptures,” but does not assume that attendees participated in that class.)

Gist: The Essence of Raising Life-Ready Kids
with Rev. Danielle Jones
Wednesdays, April 11 – May 9
7:15 p.m. in the Chapel
$20 class fee
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Parenting is hard.  Anyone who says it isn’t, hasn’t done it.  Take time out this spring to read this parenting book by Michael W. Anderson.  We’ll meet to discuss this parenting approach that is effective, efficient and enjoyable- whether you are parenting a toddler child or a college-aged student.  Gist is a powerful book that reviews and examines what the journey to adulthood entails, and presents a clear look at those parenting efforts that have proven not to work over the years. ”Many hours and much emotional energy are spent in parenting strategies where nothing positive is produced.”  The book’s focus on life-readiness offers parents a new lens through which to see their parenting interactions. Anderson’s approach eliminates many of the power struggles and ineffective patterns that can rob families of much of their joy. This is not a class.  This is a book group designed for discussion, encouragement and inviting God into the parenting mix with you while gaining some new tools to equip you to raise life-ready kids.

Interfaith Leadership, A Book Study
with Rev. Kristen Jeide
Wednesdays, April 4 – May 16
7:15 p.m. in the Piper Library
$20 class fee
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This book study will act as a guide for those seeking to foster interfaith dialogue and promote understanding across religious lines. In this book, renowned interfaith leader Eboo Patel offers a clear, detailed, and practical guide to interfaith leadership, illustrated with compelling examples. Patel explains what interfaith leadership is and explores the core competencies and skills of interfaith leadership, before turning to the issues interfaith leaders face and how they can prepare to solve them. Interfaith leaders seek points of connection and commonality—in their neighborhoods, schools, college campuses, companies, organizations, hospitals, and other spaces where people of different faiths interact with one another. While it can be challenging to navigate the differences and disagreements that can arise from these interactions, skilled interfaith leaders are vital if we are to have a strong, religiously diverse democracy. Join us for this in-depth 7 week study discussion on how to be an interfaith leader.

Called to Care with Rev. S. Lindy Purdy
Thursdays from 6-9 p.m.
April 12 – May 17
$20 class fee
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Called2Care is a skill-based training for healthy relational ministry and relationship building.  It is useful, and even transformational for all people.  The core elements of this training (first 3 sessions) are required of all adult leaders of our youth, and highly recommended for all those who serve in the church environment as staff or volunteer leaders.  Completion of all 6-sessions (18 hours) completes the required training for becoming a Called2Care Companion at Wayzata Community Church. The last three session are open individually to any past C2C companions, or any person interested in knowing more about the topic.  

The training is a compilation of materials that are common to Stephens Ministry, Befrienders, Seminary Pastoral Care classes, and the wisdom of many lay and professional leaders who have contributed their experience and expertise over the past 15 years.  The result is a living curriculum that is ever-changing and contextual.

Sessions 1-3:  Core Content Includes:
Companioning and Caring
Language (verbal and non-verbal)
The Power of Story
Safety, Sanity and Longevity (Boundaries, Confidentiality, Triangulation, Transparency, and De-escalation)
Theodicy—Your Image of God  (Where is God in Suffering)
Tools and Resources

Session 4: Grief and Grief Care

Session 5: Mental Health (there will be a guest speaker for this session; Special Needs Ministry

Session 6: The Dementias; Music and Memory (this is a 78 minute award-winning video); End of Life and Hospice

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