Author Event: Anne Marie Grewal

Anne Marie Ruff Grewal 
Beneath the Same Heaven
A story of love and terrorism
Monday, January 14, 2019
6:30 p.m. in the Chapel

Kathryn, an American woman, and Rashid, a Pakistani-born Muslim man, seem to have bridged the divide between Western and Islamic world views with their marriage and two American-born children. But everything changes when Rashid’s father is suddenly killed by a US drone attack near the Afghan border, and their cross-cultural family descends into conflicting ideas of loyalty, justice, identity, revenge, and terrorism.

“A thought-provoking love story. This novel masterfully blends the dangers of geopolitics superimposed on romantic and unconditional familial love… Ruff bravely circumnavigates the violence at the heart of the story to lay bare the intricate drama of before and after. Revenge versus justice. Clanship versus kinship. Passionate love versus filial obligation. All are explored with intimate humanity in this compelling, tender, and timely novel.”
—Kim Fay, author of The Map of Lost Memories, Edgar Award Finalist for Best First Novel 

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