Faith & Learning Opportunities

Wayzata Community Church offers a variety of faith & learning opportunities for adults, including Bible Studies, retreats, workshops and classes. 

CORE Adult Faith Formation Classes
Our Core classes provide an opportunity to learn about a variety of topics focused on the Bible, theology, culture, spirituality, and interfaith relations. Typically, classes last for 6-10 weeks, meet for 1-2 hours and involve lecture and discussion. “Our Core teachers are qualified for their posts not only by training and experience, but also by following the model of a teacher serving people in this faith community.”

Saturday Seekers
The Saturday Seekers is a longstanding, lay-led group that meets in the Holmes Room from 8:00-9:30 a.m. most Saturdays.  Part Bible study, part book club, part multi-generational Koinonia group, the Seekers collectively decide what to study for particular periods of time.  Examples include works by noted theologians, video series taught by great teachers, and books of the Bible.  For the benefit of those with vision challenges, we typically use works that are available in audiobook format.

The Seekers enjoy a potluck breakfast after each session, and always allocate time for friendship and sharing of joys and concerns.  Lively conversation typifies the Seekers’ joint exploration of religious and spiritual topics, and everyone’s opinion is valued.  Visitors and new members are very welcome.  Contacts:  Doug Rutherford, Gene Hite and Linda Wotipka.

Soul Sisters Small Group Studies
Click HERE to see all of the Soul Sister Events 

Consider yourselves called to be a Soul Sister of Wayzata Community Church. Yes, you’ve got soul, sister, and that means a lot for the women of WCC. We have all sorts of exciting things planned for the upcoming year that will feed your hunger for Faith, Fellowship and Fun. (And, we’ll be honest, some will even Feed your Face.) We are offering small group studies, led by a fellow Soul Sister, of books that are relevant to today’s women of faith

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