Lent & Spring CORE Classes

Lenten Study and Lenten Study Groups
March 13-April 10

During Lent this year we will focus on the doctrine of ATONEMENT. The issue of atonement is, as you may know, both central to the gospel and has amazingly drawn a lot of controversy of late. Every presentation of the gospel, every catechism and nearly every sermon has a theory of
atonement at work. Ever notice this? This year, you can choose from one of two texts. Tony Jones’ Did God Kill Jesus, and Scot Mckight’s A Community Called Atonement.

Lenten Study Groups
Cost: $20
Over the last 20 years WCC has hosted Lenten study groups. If you would like to join one of these smaller study groups this Lent, sign up in Founders Hall on Sundays, or contact Rustin Comer, rcomer@wayzatacommunitychurch.org.

Did God Kill Jesus?
Teachers: Rev. Rustin Comer & Dr. Ron Troxel
March 13- April 10
10:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., Colonnade
Cost: $20

Many Christians believe that God the Father demanded his only Son die a cruel, gruesome death to appease His wrath, since humanity is so irredeemably sinful and therefore repugnant to God. Tony Jones, popular progressive Christian blogger, author, and scholar, argues that this understanding is actually a medieval invention and not what the Bible really teaches. He looks beyond medieval convictions and liberates how we see Jesus’s death on the cross from this restrictive paradigm. Christians today must transcend the shame and guilt that have shaped conceptions of the human soul and made us fearful of God, and replace them with love, grace, and joyfulness, which better expresses what the cross is really about.

How we understand the cross reflects directly what kind of God we worship. By letting go of the wrathful God who cannot stand to be in our presence unless he pretends to see Jesus in our place, we discover the Biblical God who reaches out to love and embrace us while “we were yet sinners.” Jones offers a positive, loving, inclusive interpretation of the faith that is both challenging and inspiring. Did God Kill Jesus? is essential reading for modern Christians.

A Community Called Atonement
Teacher: Rev. Rustin Comer
March 13- April 10
4:00 p.m., Colonnade
Cost: $20
Over the centuries the church developed a number of metaphors, such as penal substitution or the ransom theory, to speak about Christ’s death on the cross and the theological concept of the atonement. Yet too often, says Dr. Scot McKnight, Christians have held to the supremacy of one metaphor over the others, to their detriment. He argues instead that to plumb the rich theological depths of the atonement, we must consider all the metaphors of atonement and ask whether they each serve a larger purpose.

A Community Called Atonement is a constructive theology that not only values the church’s atonement metaphors but also asserts that atonement fundamentally shapes the life of the Christian and of the church. That is, Christ identifies with humans to call us into a community that reflects God’s love (the church)— but that community then has the responsibility to offer God’s love to others through missional practices of justice and fellowship, living out its life together as the story of God’s reconciliation. This is an
accessible, thought-provoking theology of atonement that engages the concerns of those in the emerging church conversation and will be of interest to all those in the church and academy who are listening in.

CORE: Theatre Event
Sisters of Peace
Sunday, March 24
2:00 p.m. at the History Theatre in St. Paul
Cost: $40 (20 tickets available)
Reserve tickets at www.wayzatacommunitychurch.org/springregistration

Today, yesterday & beyond. Wednesday nights on the Lake Street Bridge, you can always find a handful of people marching with colorful signs and protesting for peace. Among them, you’d find the McDonald sisters Brigid, Jane, Rita and Kate: legendary peace activists, who grew up as sisters in a large Irish farm family in Hollywood Township, Minnesota. The four sisters all entered the convent and became Catholic nuns who devoted their lives to teaching and peace activism. That’s only part of the story. Their incredible lives come to life in this stirring play that takes us on a journey from the security gates of Honeywell Corporation, to the School of the Americas and back to the steps of the Cathedral of St. Paul. Wherever there is injustice, the chances of bumping into the McDonald sisters are high.

THIS IS THEIR STORY! A story of love, passion and compassion – all with a sense of humor that comes from their wonderful Irish upbringing! These Sisters of Peace are Minnesota legends, for sure!

Spring Core Classes
CORE BIBLE: Jesus and Justice
Teacher: Rev. Rustin Comer
April 24-May 15
10:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., Chapel
Cost: $20

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me
to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to
proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

This is the recorded content of the first sermon Jesus ever preaches. Join us this spring to explore Jesus and Justice. In this class we will explore three themes of justice: 1) the exercise of power, 2) economic issues, and 3) human worth. The 4-week class will place Jesus’s actions and teachings in the social and political conditions of first century Galilee and Judea while also considering their relevance to contemporary events and circumstances. Join us for this short study on Jesus and Justice.

CORE Theology: Narrative Theory, Theology, and Practice
Teacher: Rev. Lindy Purdy
April 24- May 15
4:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., Colonnade
Cost: $20

Narrative theory is the belief that we derive meaning (even create ourselves) from the stories we tell about
ourselves and the stories others tell about us. The practice of narrative looks at how stories help people make sense of the world, while also looking at how people make sense of those stories. Come spend a few hours looking at this theory, the relational theology of narrative, and how we might grow into the practice of narrative as a way to
understand our world and our relationships in a new way. 

CORE: Interfaith Book Study
Abraham, A Journey To the Heart of Three Faiths, Bruce Feiler
Teacher: Nan Peterson
May 1-May 15

6:30 p.m., Piper Library
Cost: $20
Both immediate and timeless, Abraham tells the
powerful story of one man’s search for the shared
ancestor of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Traveling through war zones, braving violence at religious sites, and seeking out faith leaders, Bruce Feiler uncovers the
defining yet divisive role that Abraham plays for half the world’s believers. Provocative and uplifting, Abraham offers a thoughtful and inspiring vision of unity that
redefines what we think about our neighbors, our future, and ourselves.

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