Table Group Questions

May Table Group Questions

Read Ezekiel 47: 1-12. (Prof Jeremy Myer spoke on 4/28 based on this reading).

This Bible passage is very metaphorical, and the simple explanation is that the church  should be like water flowing out of the building and out into the world. And the farther out it goes, ideally it gets wider, bigger and stronger. And it is as if the church building is non-important— indeed the temple of Jerusalem was in ruins when this verse was written/seen in Ezekiel’s dream.

The Future of Faith in America is our sermon series for May, and this passage starts us out by thinking how can we take our community and faith out into the world, not just keep it within our walls and for ourselves. Specifically, we are thinking of the “Nones”—  those younger people who choose to have no organized religion, but may or may not have a spiritual life. The continuing life of our church is really at the heart of this, as well.


1. Think of how your faith has changed over the years. Can you remember what your faith life was in your late teens/early twenties and into your thirties?

2. What has changed in our world, what creates the difference between your life then and the lives of youth now?

3. Where do you think our church and community work is most needed? Do we really have a good or unbiased handle on this, coming from our place of privilege?

4. What can/does our church do to let the water flow outward and reach where it is needed?

5. What can you or do you do to show your faith to the world, and extend it even further to where it is truly needed.

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