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Middle School Education Ministry

At Wayzata Community Church we appreciate that diverse beliefs that we all bring to our faith community and hope that this is a place where we can all grow and learn from each other. Everyone is accepted here because we celebrate the  uniqueness of every individual.  We are excited to welcome every Middle School student who enters our doors.

We offer a variety of program options for Middle School students. Check out the “Wednesday Programs”, “Sunday Morning Programs” and “Special Events” pages for more information.  For more information about these programs, please contact Christa Workmon, Director of Middle School Ministry at

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Mission And Goals

We are an inclusive group that loves to have fun while growing in our relationships with God and one another.

The Middle School program exists to show God’s love to Middle Schoolers and in doing so help them grow in their relationship with God. The way that happens in our Middle School ministry will be uniquely fitted to this specific stage of faith development. Therefore, our program will be relational, experiential, and direct.

We believe in the following 5 Goals:

Safety: We make sure that young people are physically, emotionally and spiritually safe.  It is only through a truly safe environment that MSers will be comfortable opening up to share about God and their relationship with God.

Fun: We build relationships through fun activities and learning. This fun is based on respect and kindness and allows strong relationships to be built.

Message: We learn together about God’s word in a way that addresses the middle schoolers lives, through presentation, discussion, and experiences. We worship God together and live it out through being His hands and feet in mission work.

Affirmation: We love each Middle Schooler just as he or she is, in the way God loves us just as we are.  We affirm the image of God in everyone and make it clear that our love is not conditioned on grades, popularity, athleticism, or any qualifications.  We throw the doors open wide for all of God’s children!  “Whoever you are, and wherever you are on life’s journey, you are (extravagantly) welcome here.”

Community: We build a faithful community of Middle Schoolers and leaders through retreats, mission work, and other fellowship opportunities.  As these relationships develop, each student will be increasingly comfortable as they navigate the deeper questions of their faith.





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