College Students Connecting

College-age students are welcome at all levels of worship, community and leadership at WCC. See how you might get involved in worship, missions and special events that excite you!

Young Adult Retreats
Join Gabe and Hilary for a weekend retreat tailored to Young Adult Ministry

Young Adult & College Ministry

Wayzata Community Church is a faith-home with vibrant, passionate and engaged Young Adults and College-age Students.  We see in them that these life stages do NOT have to be a time of “desertion” or distance from God… but in fact an important time to develop a mature, life-lasting faith that involves courageous conversation about the world we live in, and how faith is absolutely relevant in the issues and opportunities in our culture.

Come join us if you seek a faith that is RELEVANT to our shared world & our personal struggles, ROOTED in an intergenerational and inclusive Christian community, and INVITING to all who wish to grow in their personal relationship with God.

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