Koinonia Groups

Koinonia tree logoKoinonia Groups take their name from the Greek word meaning “fellowship.” Koinonia Groups are one way to get your “small church” in this big place. These groups are formed with 10-12 members — couples and/or singles who commit to meet a minimum of 8 times per year.

The focus of these groups can be as varied as the groups themselves. Most groups have some or all of these ingredients: socializing, sharing, support, study, service and worship.

If you are interested in forming or joining an Koinonia Group, please contact Lavonne Kipp at kippcrew@gmail.com.

Sharing our Walk in Faith
by John Estrem

It has been more than 15 years since we came together for the first time at Julie’s house. The discussion was about forming a Koinonia group. That night we made a covenant to meet once a month for a year. The focus of our group would be sharing, support, spiritual growth, service,  and study. One of the biggest challenges was fitting our meetings around nap time for our kids.

One of the most memorable times for me was when the guys became envious of the “girls night out”. We decided to plan our own outings and we called ourselves “Men With Nothing To Do”. The only problem was we were so busy being dads of young children that we needed to meet at 6 a.m. Friday mornings. I think we were all surprised that we kept meeting for more than five years! Men helping each other in daily living.

Just last Sunday our Koinonia group met. Some of the “kids” drove in from college because they still want to be part of our group. How meaningful it was to play a game with all of us together. Later that night the “kids” told us that they want to be part of planning our meetings. (That sure makes it worth working those meetings around nap time.)

Koinonia is the English equivalent of a Greek word that described life together in the early church. It means “to share and, to hold things in common”, and sharing our walk in faith, we have. Marriages, divorces,  births, deaths, and age, have changed the face of our group over the years to bring us to a place only God could have imagined 15 years ago at Julie’s house.

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