Light Of Hope, Kenya, Africa

Light of Hope Home and School for Girls in Kenya
We are mission partners with  Lighthouse Ministries in Plymouth, MN in support of their ministry in Kenya with Light of Hope Home & School for Girls. Our Africa Team plans mission trips to the site, while also raising funds for the school and the girls housed there. This program hopes to bring a hands-on experience to members of the WCC community while supporting the advancement of sustainable community development, building long-term meaningful relationships.
Coordinators: Sheila Ross
Your involvement: 2 week trip, or local supplies/support
Volunteers: 20+

Click here to see the video: “Jane’s Story” about a LOH girl in Kenya.

inspire! Magazine, October 2015 Issue
Mission Trip to Light of Hope
by Sheila Ross

LOH_Leadership_ groupThis summer, three separate groups from WCC traveled to Naivasha, Kenya to continue the important and life-changing work at Light of Hope Home & School for Girls (LoH).  The travel groups comprised of 38 people (25 WCC members) and each group had a unique mission and purpose to fulfill at the school.

The focus of the first group was leadership development.  The team of WCC adult and youth participants implemented a comprehensive leadership program and conducted a 3-day retreat at Daystar University (Athi River campus) with the 7th and 8th grade LOH girls.  The leadership retreat and program development were made possible by a generous grant from the C. Charles Jackson Foundation and is a response to the “next level need” among the girls at LoH.

FullSizeRender-4The second mission group had the unique and inspirational experience of dedicating the new dormitory, which was partially funded by the Wayzata Community Church 2015 Special Easter Offering. The dorm dedication ceremony was an all-day celebration and attracted more than 300 people from the local community, government officials and even the “Afrizo” singing group from Daystar University (which performed at WCC in 2014).  The group also continued working on leadership development by conducting a 2-day retreat with the 5th and 6th grade LoH girls at our nearby guesthouse, The Bellevue.

During the third trip, a medical team, consisting of two pediatricians, two nurses and one medical student performed medical check-ups on all 94 girls at LoH.  The rest of the group conducted further leadership training events, this time for the LoH high school girls, and helped with work projects at the school—  including painting at the new dorm, installing fencing and friendship-building time with the girls who were on a break from school at the time.

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