Summer Camp 2018

Registration for all camp sessions begins at 7 a.m. on Sunday, January 28th, 2018! Please register early to get your preferred session… many sessions will fill quickly.

Summer Camp Staff

Camp Staff descriptions and applications for Summer 2018 are online now!

Registration for Summer Camp 2018 begins at 7 a.m. on January 28th!

Camp Ministry Goals

At Wayzata Community Church we love children, youth and the whole family of faith.  We have Summer Camp because we know it is the single most transformational, faith-forming, Jesus-centered experience that we can give to children and youth, and campers of all ages.  The vision of Wayzata Community church is to inspire the world with the inclusive love of Jesus. Our Camp exists to introduce campers to the person of Jesus Christ, and to inspire the world, at Camp and beyond, with the inclusive love that Jesus calls us to be.

Our Summer Camp is unique in many ways.  We invite you to learn more about the values and goals that guide our Camp Ministry, and see what makes our Camp unique and important for your camper.

• Safety is #1
The absolute safety of each person is our highest priority. This includes emotional and spiritual safety, just as much as physical safety. Our commitment to safety is demonstrated by our 4 to 1 staff ratio, our extensive staff training, our medical and safety team, the design of our program, and the messages and discussions that take place at camp.

• We take FUN “seriously”
Fun opens doors and builds relationships… and that brings campers to places where they can learn, share and grow. Campers will be engaged through fun and laughter with activities and events designed for their specific age group. Fun breaks down walls between people, and between us and God. Fun keeps campers coming back for more. Our fun is always safe and inclusive, and our laughter is kind.

• Our Theology: The Message of God’s Love
The Message at camp is in all ways consistent with the vision and theology of Wayzata Community Church. Through words and actions each camper is encouraged to explore their faith, grow in their relationship with God, and learn more about the person of Jesus Christ. We explore this message with Bible-focused evening talks, small group discussions and cabin time discussions that are appropriate and engaging for each age group and camper. Each camper is invited to encounter ideas of faith in the way that is safe for them. Our goal is to meet each camper “where they are”… and then encourage them in a next step of faith.

• Faith Formation through Relationships
Central to the mission of Camp is the building of relationships with one another and with God. Through our relationships we seek to invite each camper to grow in faith through the safe, outrageously fun, grace-filled opportunities that are unique to Camp. As we affirm each camper as individuals, we strive to build community so that they might find ways to be supported in their faith and in their continued formation after camp has ended.

• Inclusive Community and Individual Affirmation
Nothing we do is for Wayzata Community Church members alone. All campers are welcome and all beliefs and faith backgrounds are valued. We will help each person to realize that they are loved, accepted and valued as they are – by God and by us – because that is how God loves us. Our camp community is open to everyone and values each person individually and equally. This community is an essential part of our experience of Camp and also our continued growth in faith as we return home from camp.

• Our Goal… The Best Week of Your Summer
Why should you consider Wayzata Community Church’s Summer Camp? We know that our Camp will be a place where campers may begin, maintain and nurture their growing faith in God and their personal walk with Jesus. It will be a place where campers connect in life-long community that will encourage and support this growth even after their time at camp has ended each summer. Wayzata Community Church’s theology and goals of Camp Ministry will keep each child safe and affirmed, and provide an atmosphere for developing personal confidence, encouraging faith formation and building friendships that will lay a foundation for their life. We ask, and invite, you to be a part of it.

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