An Invitation to Camp

At Wayzata Community Church we are INSPIRED by the love of God made known through Jesus. Each session of our summer camp is a microcosm of God’s people coming together to discover what the inclusive love of Jesus can mean in our lives, in our world, and in our personal relationships with God.  

We know that it means everyone is welcome at Camp.  In fact, over a third of our campers and staff are not members of WCC… and we love that.  Everyone is welcome at Camp, because everyone is welcome with God.

For over 7 years now this has been central to our ministry at Camp… and what God makes in this holy “science experiment” is amazing and a gift to everyone who takes part.  Safety is essential, our fun is kind, our message of God’s love is invitational and engaging, our relationships are affirming, and everyone is blessed when we come together with “no time to waste” in building a community where everyone is valued. Our theology and goals work to keep each camper safe and affirmed, and provide an atmosphere for developing personal confidence, encouraging faith formation and building friendships that will lay a foundation for their life. We invite you to be a part of it.

Thank you for helping your camper to experience outdoor ministry with us!  We take your trust, and the responsibility of caring for your child, very seriously.  We are excited to be a part of sharing an amazing session at Camp with them… and truly hope it will be “the best week of their summer”!

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Hilary Flynn
Camp Director

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