High School Work Crew

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High School Work Crew
Incoming 10th-12th grade students can apply to serve through our Work Crew program. We hope that, in addition to attending a High School camp session, these campers take the opportunity for an extended service-based faith experience. Each session consists of 8-12 students who devote 2-3 camp sessions to serving God, the camp, and the campers. By doing much of the behind-the-scenes work that enables camp to run so smoothly, the participants learn how to give of themselves without seeking credit or praise. The “Crew” experience is the next step after a session at camp, in pursuit of a deeper understanding of faith and faithful living through the example of Jesus.

Work Crew 2017 Sessions
Session 1: June 11-23 (for graduated seniors only)
Session 2: June 25- July 3
Session 3: July 5-17
Session 4: July 18-27


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