Seven Reasons to Share Camp

7 Reasons to Share Camp at WCC with the kids in your life

1. We know how to have outrageous fun and be safe too.  Our brand of fun is always safe and inclusive.  Our laughter is kind.  We know that fun opens doors, builds relationships and brings campers to a place where they can learn, share, and grow… so we take fun very seriously!

2. We are thrilled to be faithful. We know your kids don’t want anyone else’s faith… they want their own. So at Camp we help each person in their personal faith formation in ways that have life-long impact. We think faith in God can inspire the world, and at camp it starts as they learn to identify and share God’s gifts in each of our lives.

3. Our Camp Counselors Are Amazing!  Our staff is an exceptional group of college-age young people, thoroughly trained to work with your kids. Dr. Michael Thompson (author of “Homesick & Happy: How Time Away from Parents Can Help a Child Grow) shares great insight about the unique magic that camp counselors can have on the building of character, community and caring in children/youth. In our age-segregated society, Camp is a unique place for your child to experience the unique and beneficial kind of authority that comes from adults who are just a few years older than your kids (New York Times, May 2012).

4. We talk about real things. A session at Camp includes experiences you probably don’t get anywhere else… a break from life’s regular pace and patterns, a time to disconnect from technology, the chance to experience some moments of quiet with God, and a community where you can have challenging conversations about important things.

5. Camp can contend the affects of nature deficit. Richard Louv (author of the bestselling “Last Child in the Woods”) put his finger on our societal disconnection with the natural world, and the real benefits gained from purposeful connection with nature. Camp is a fantastic chance to live in nature for a few valuable days, with benefits for all areas of camper’s lives. Plus, imagine a technology-free week your kids will actually enjoy!

6.  What is better, praise or affirmation?  We define praise as celebrating someone for what they do.  Our approach is affirmation… celebrating someone for who they are. The difference is BIG, and the way we do it at Camp is awesome.

7. Who said the world has to be divisive and competitive? Our Camp is built on the power of relationships… between campers, our staff and God. The community is inclusive and welcoming to everyone; please come be part of it. The coolest thing is that you don’t have to leave these relationships at Camp… in fact, we hope you bring them home with you.

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