Summer Camp FAQ

How do I register for camp?
Use this link to:
•  create an account in
•  log into a current account in
•  register for your camp session choice

How do I make a payment for camp?
Either log into your Ultracamp account, or use this link to make a payment.

What are the fee payment deadlines and late payment fee?
One half of Camp fees are due by March 1, 2017. Balances for Camp 2017 are due in full by May 1, 2017. A $50 fee will be assessed after the May 1st deadline is past. Please inquire about payment plans if they are needed.

How do I access my Ultracamp account?
Access your account through WCC website (summer camp), or use this Ultracamp link. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset using this link.

Can I fill out the medical history online?
Yes, use your Ultracamp account, or this link.

Can I take my camper to, or pick up from camp?
The total camp experience includes check-in & the bus ride to/from camp. If an exception needs to be made, other plans must be approved in advance. Please call or email us at: regarding any questions about your camper’s transportation.

How do I get information about the camp and what to pack?
You will receive a camp informational packet, however, should you need an additional copy, please let us know via

Will I be able to choose some of my cabin mates?
From your Ultracamp account, you can choose cabin mates (up to 6 names, in order of preference) in the custom question section as well as your child’s t-shirt size.

Is there a nurse at camp who will administer my medicine?
Yes, we have a nurse at each camp session who will cover your child’s health and safety needs. They will be present at check-in to receive meds and information as necessary.

How does the camp accommodate dietary restrictions?
The camp food service is notified before each session about the dietary restrictions and allergies of our campers. We are a no-nut camp, so campers are not allowed to bring any nut product snacks to camp.

How far away is the camp?
Bay Lake Camp is about 2 hrs from Wayzata Community Church, depending on traffic and road construction.

How do the campers get to and return from camp?
We contract with a bus company and provide coach buses with a toilet. The campers will enjoy one or two movies during the trip to camp and the return. They will each receive a snack and water on the bus ride. At least one chaperone will accompany each bus.

Approximately how much money does my child need for the camp store?
We are using a ‘camp’ card system which can be loaded at camp check-in. Purchases at the camp store will be deducted from the card at the camp store. Any remaining funds will be returned to the campers at the end of their camp session.

What do you need from me before our child’s camp session?
From your Ultracamp account please complete the following:
•   Medical History Information: with CURRENT immunization dates.
•   WCC Release and Permission Form:   An e-signed form
•   Camper Participation Waiver :An e-signed form to allow your child to participate in boating activities
•   Health Insurance Card: A copy of BOTH SIDES of your child’s health card.
•   Camp fees paid in full.

What do I need to do at camp check-in?
Finalize any incomplete registration paperwork:
•   Medical History (CURRENT immunization dates),
•   E-Signed WCC Release and Permission Form
•  E-Signed Camper Participation Waiver
•   Health Insurance card copy (BOTH SIDES)
•   Pay remaining balance.

•   You may choose to:
•    Purchase care packages (optional): Buy care package ‘camp’ cards. Purchases at camp  will be deducted from this card.
•    Send a note to your camper during their camp session.

•    Please help us by placing your camper’s baggage in the designated loading area.

Will we receive camp updates, pictures, and weather updates?
We try to stay in touch with our Church and parent community. We will post photos on Facebook: Wayzata Community Church – Camp, and we will send updates in the case of significant safety issues (ie: severe weather updates) to camper parents.

Is there a possibility of scholarship help for summer camp fees?
We have some monies available for scholarship to camp. Please use this link to fill out a scholarship request.

Who do we call in an emergency?
•  Hilary Flynn  763-258-9388
•  Gabe Flynn  763-473-9389
•  Wayzata Community Church  952-473-8877

Are there any items we should not take to camp?
Yes, we do not allow cell phones, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons (even toy weapons), or nut snacks. Please do not send these items with your camper, they will be confiscated or result in an immediate return home.

Can my camper take a fan?
Yes, if it is small.

When does the bus leave for camp, and when will the bus return to the Church?
Buses away will leave for Bay Lake Camp at approximately 1:30-1:45 p.m. the day of check in.

The return buses arrive at WCC at approximately 1:00 p.m. Both the check-in and return occur at the East Entrance of Wayzata Community Church.

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