Camper Eligibility Criteria

 We at Wayzata Community Church Summer Camp seek to serve individuals with disabilities who meet the essential eligibility requirement listed below. These criteria are necessary to ensure not only the safety of participating campers, but their ability to receive the maximum benefits of camp. We seek to serve eligible campers in the most integrated setting possible. All acceptances of applications are conditioned on campers meeting these criteria.

Camp Director Hilary Flynn, Parables Minister Rev. Leslie Neugent, and Camp Physician Dr. Lorene Rutherford reserve the right to deny applications of campers who do not meet these criteria. Camp staff also reserve the right to send home campers who are unable to meet them during their camp experience.

Questions? Contact or Kjerstee Miller at (952) 473-8877, ext. 224.

Click here to download a pdf of the 2018 Camper Eligibility Criteria for Admission.

2018 Camper Eligibility Criteria for Admission: 

Eligible applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Be ages 8 to18 at some point during camp’s 2018 session;

2. Have the ability to effectively communicate needs to camp staff;

3. Not be abusive toward themselves or others, meaning they do not physically, verbally, or sexually abuse themselves or others (including staff); examples include hitting, biting, scratching, spitting, kicking, excessive swearing, excessive or inappropriate yelling or verbal degradation, and inappropriate touching or fondling;

4. Do not pose direct threats to themselves or others that cannot, with or without reasonable accommodations, be eliminated or reduced below the level of direct threat.

Direct threat means a substantial risk of harm including highly contagious conditions such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, open or draining wound or rash, topical parasite, or other conditions spread through casual human contact;

5. Do not have a medical condition or impairment such as intravenous infusions and awake overnight monitoring that requires medical treatment;

6. Do not have a medical condition or impairment carrying a substantial risk or likelihood of complication or injury;

7. Are in acceptable physical health evidenced by not having an oral temperature greater than 99.5F, blood pressure greater than 160/90, or a heart rate greater than 120 BPM;

8. Can eat or drink sustenance in amounts adequate for nutritional support with minimal or no need of outside assistance; and

9. Agree to take medication prescribed to them.

10. Does not have personal care requirements that would necessitate additional staff, training or accreditations

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