An Invitation to Camp

Friends & Families,                                                                                         

 Welcome to the Summer Camp ministry of Wayzata Community Church!  I grew up in a church that owned its own camp, attended as a camper, spent all my college summers on staff, and discerned a lifelong call to ministry through it.  I’m a big believer in the power and impact of camp.  

 We were often reminded of the words of the Senior Minister, Roy A. Burkhart: “Give me a kid for a week at summer camp, and I’ll do more for him/her than whole year of Sunday School!”  I say, let’s do both!  Summer Camp should build on our ministries at home, and our ministries at home should be catapulted by our Summer Camp.

 Believing that each student is a unique, unrepeatable miracle of God, we seek to welcome kids of all faith levels, and no faith at all.  Through a relational style of ministry, it is our aim to provide each student a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.  We work hard to help everyone at camp see what their next step of faith is… and to take it!

Our unique style and philosophy of outdoor ministry is built on 5 central goals:

SAFETY—first and foremost, everyone at camp is kept physically, emotionally, and spiritually SAFE.  From this foundation grows all our other goals. 

FUN—the best way to show a student that you care about them is to help them have good, clean fun—and lots of it.  Fun builds trust, breaks down barriers, and removes masks.  Fun also keeps them coming back for more allowing us to build relationships.

MESSAGE—this is the “WHY” of Summer Camp.  We will share an honest and compelling picture of God’s love as we experience it through Jesus Christ.  The Gospel should be the best news we ever hear in life, and be full of joy.

AFFIRMATION—we love every student, just as they are.  Period.  This is not a means to another end, this is an end in and of itself.  Campers will know that they were genuinely and whole-heartedly loved with no strings attached.

COMMUNITY—one outcome of accomplishing the first four goals is a
profound experience of Community.  These are friends and camp counselors on whom they can count, long after everyone returns home.

 We have an exciting new home for our Summer Camp beginning in 2019.  You can count on all the same experiences of pure joy, learning and growing, loving and living in God’s great outdoors.  I’ll see you at camp!

Rev. Dr. John F. Ross
Senior Minister

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