Funerals FAQ

Who do I call to make the arrangements?
The Minister of Pastoral Care, S. Lindy Purdy, or Pastoral Care Associate, Katie Kraus, can help you plan a memorial service at WCC.

What is the next step?
You will attend a meeting to plan the service with a member of our clergy. You will discuss the reception, select music, and assist in designing bulletins. A time of remembrance of the deceased will be arranged with the officiating clergy.

When can we have the service?  
Whenever possible, the service should be planned during the hours that the building is open. If the building is closed, there may be an additional custodial fee. For parking and traffic purposes, we try to avoid beginning or ending the service at 11:30 a.m. during the school year. Memorial services need to be scheduled on the church calendar before the local newspapers will print an announcement.

Where in the church can we have the service? Chapel or Sanctuary?

For smaller services, we offer the Wakefield Chapel which accommodates up to 160 people in an intimate, traditional setting. For larger services, the Sanctuary can accommodate up to 800 people. In this setting, there are often two clergy participants . Both worship spaces have a piano and an organ. (Please note: A service in the Sanctuary requires the presence of an audio technician at a fee of $200.)

What are the customary honorariums and fees?
It is suggested that the officiating clergy receive an honorarium of $350. If a second pastor is present, $150. In addition, here are the fees associated with this service:
Organist – $300
Pianist – $200
Soloist – $150
Audio Tech – $200 (Sanctuary Service Only)
The funeral home often handles the honorariums and fees for you.

Can we have clergy from another church perform the ceremony?
If you desire the involvement of a clergy member not associated with WCC, simply communicate this to the lead clergy from WCC. However, a member of the WCC clergy staff must be present at all services held at the church.

What kind of music is available?
We ask that you select pieces of music that are respectful, meaningful and spiritual in content. (Non-sacred music must be approved by the clergy in consultation with the music staff.) We’re sorry, but we can’t accommodate requests for music that’s on CD or any other digital format. We can provide a  list of suggested musical selections. The organist receives $300, and the pianist receives $200. Soloists and musicians receive $150.

Can Wayzata Community Church produce bulletins ?
In coordination with the Pastoral Care staff, a bulletin for the service can be designed and produced at WCC.  If bulletins are to be sent to a third-party printer, the cost will vary. Any photo that will be included in the bulletin  must be e-mailed to Please note that the arrangement of the service outlined in the bulletin must be approved by the officiating pastor, and the final bulletins must be proofed by the family prior to printing.

After the service can we have a reception?
Volunteers will host and serve a reception immediately following the service with coffee and punch. Please talk to a pastoral care associate about catering options.

How do we arrange for ushers?
Volunteer ushers from the WCC congregation are available to usher at the service.

Is it possible to have a CD or DVD made of the service?
Yes, DVDs are available for services. One complimentary CD or DVD of the service is provided to the family. You may purchase additional copies for $10 each.

What about internment and the service at the cemetery?
Please arrange these services with the officiating clergy member.

What if we want a family service of burial or ash disposition?
If you wish to have a private service at the time of burial or ash disposition, WCC has a self-directed “Family Service of Burial” brochure that you can use as a guide. Contact Katie Kraus to receive a copy.

What other help can WCC provide for my family?
WCC provides continuing spiritual support through:
1. WCC Called to Care.
2. WCC Prayer Circle provides ongoing prayers for families who have lost loved ones
3. WCC pastoral care is readily available through our clergy staff.

In addition, West Suburban Grief Coalition provides a community-wide support system for those who are grieving for the loss of a loved one.

Reminder about memorial gift designation
If WCC had been a spiritual home for your loved one, please consider naming the church as the recipient of memorials designated in your family member’s name. We, as a church, will put these gifts towards the work of the church in loving memory of your loved one.

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