Planning A Celebration Of Life

Wayzata Community Church compassionately supports those who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

In the Case of Immediate or Imminent Death of a Family Member
Please notify the Pastoral Care office immediately at 952-473-8877 or the emergency  The Wayzata Community Church pastoral emergency phone number is 952-473-8877 Ext 245.
(When the voicemail picks up you can dial 245 to be routed to the on call minister) We will respond to your call as soon as possible.

Arranging a Service of Remembrance and Celebration
• Pastoral Care Associate Katie Kraus should be the first to be notified of the family’s intent to hold a service at Wayzata Community Church. Katie can be contacted at, or 952-473-8877.
•  A meeting will be arranged to plan the service with a member of our clergy. The meeting will involve family members in planning the service, reception, selecting music, and designing bulletins.
• The time for the service will be arranged with the officiating clergy.
•  Every service is a celebration of the life of the individual and the eternal promise of the loving grace of God to all people. Services will be arranged with the goal of bringing a sacred comfort, honor, respect, and hope to all those attending.

Times and Dates
Memorial services need to be officially scheduled on the church calendar before a notice is printed in the local newspapers. For parking and traffic purposes, we try to avoid beginning or ending the service at 11:30 a.m. during the school year. Whenever possible, the service should be planned during the hours that the building is open. If the building is closed, there may be an additional custodial fee. We are not able to schedule services on Sunday, or on Wednesdays during the school year, or on Saturdays or Sundays during the summer months.

The Worship Setting
The Wakefield Chapel provides a traditional setting for up to 100 people. The Sanctuary can accommodate up to 800 people. Both worship spaces have an organ and a piano.

Wayzata Community Church stands ready to support the family who has lost a loved one through the planning and execution of a service of remembrance and pastoral care at the time of loss. It is suggested that the officiating clergy receive an honorarium of $350. If a second pastor is present, an honorarium of $200 is suggested. The funeral home often handles the honorarium. All services held at Wayzata Community Church must include the presence of the Wayzata Community Church clergy staff.

Music has a powerful healing ministry to the grieving. We ask the family to select pieces of music that are respectful, meaningful, and spiritual in content. Non-sacred music must be approved by the clergy in consultation with the music staff. We cannot accommodate requests for CD and audio music. A list of suggested musical selections is provided on request. The organist receives $300, and the pianist receives $200. Other musicians and soloists, $150-$200.

The funeral coordinator works with the clergy in arranging and coordinating the service. The fee for her services is $100-$200. If Wayzata Community Church produces and prints the bulletins, the cost is based on size and number of bulletins produced. The arrangement of the service of worship outlined in the bulletin must be approved by the officiating pastor, and the final bulletins must be proofed by family, prior to printing.

Volunteers from our Funeral Ministries are available to host and serve a reception immediately following the service, with coffee and punch. The family may choose to supplement the reception with catered meals, finger foods, or desserts. Depending on the number of guests, a fee of $100-$300 will be charged. The funeral coordinator can assist the family with planning and catering.

Ushers from the Wayzata Community Church congregation are available to usher at the service.

DVD’s are available for services held in the Sanctuary and Chapel. A complimentary DVD of the service is provided to the family. Additional copies can be purchased for $10 each. A service in the Sanctuary requires the presence of an audio technician at a fee of $200-$250.

Interment and Cemetery
These services should be arranged with the officiating pastor.

Family Service of Burial
If you wish to have a private service at the time of burial or ash disposition, Wayzata Community Church has a self-directed “Family Service of Burial” brochure that you can use as a guide.

The Columbarium at Wayzata Community Church is located in a courtyard between the Sanctuary and the pastoral offices.  It is a place of quiet, sacred respite that provides an alternative to internment as a final resting place for your loved one.  If you would like more information or a tour, please contact the pastoral care office.

Additional Ministries During Times of Grief
Wayzata Community Church provides continuing spiritual support through our Called to Care program and through the West Suburban Grief Coalition. Our Prayer Chain provides ongoing prayers for families who have lost loved ones. Pastoral care is readily available through our clergy staff.  Please call (952) 473-8877.

Community (Non-member) Services
Wayzata Community Church has an intentional ministry to the community at large. We are open to providing a sacred worship space to local families in their time of grief. There will be a building use fee of $400-$800 for non-members, depending upon whether the Chapel or Sanctuary is used.

Memorial Gift Designation
We hope that Wayzata Community Church has provided a wonderful spiritual home for your loved one as they journeyed through life. Please consider designating Wayzata Community Church as the recipient of memorials to honor him or her.  We, with your guidance, will steward these gifts for the work of the church in memory of your loved one.

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