The Wedding Day

Click here for your wedding planning check list.

Click here for the Registration for the Service of Holy Matrimony Registration form.

Rooms the day of your wedding you and your bridal party will have access to the Bride’s Room (Parlor) and the Groom’s Room (Holmes Room) to change clothes and relax leading up to the time of the wedding. You may be at the church up to two hours prior to your wedding and stay one hour afterward, if desired, for pictures. Please contact John Estrem ( if you would like to discuss different timing arrangements.

The Parlor is equipped with an ironing board and iron, sample mirrors and a space to hang dresses. The room will be locked during the service so valuables may be stored in this space. Restrooms are immediately down the hall from the Parlor.

You may bring snacks and non-alcoholic beverages for the wedding party to share prior to the service. It is important to note that alcoholic beverages are prohibited inside the church building or on church property at any time and food and beverages are prohibited in the Sanctuary and the Chapel. We are also a smoke free building.

: photography will need to cease thirty minutes prior to the service. You will be asked to remain in the Parlor until John Estrem indicates that it is time to begin.

It is imperative that the ushers be present one hour before the service starts on the day of the wedding so that they can help with seating guests.

It is also important that those you have chosen to be readers at the service arrive at least one hour prior to the service and check in with John Estrem in order to have time to rehearse their readings at the microphone. Please remind readers to bring their reading with them the day of the wedding.

Please note that receptions are permitted for small Chapel or Garden weddings only in the Colonnade or Garden areas. This may include the use of the Colonnade kitchen.  Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted at receptions at the church.  Fees for small receptions are provided upon request.

Photography/Outside Videography/DVD

Pictures may be taken beginning two hours before the service or may be taken afterward for one hour following the service. The photographer/ videographer must agree to maintain and uphold the dignity and beauty of the service by remaining as unobtrusive as possible. Time exposure may be taken during the service from the rear of the Sanctuary, Chapel or Garden with a very quiet camera. No pictures can be taken in the Chancel area (front of the Sanctuary/Chapel) during the service. No flash photography may be used during the procession or ceremony.

It is important that you relay WCC’s policies to your photographer and/or videographer prior to signing any contract with him or her. The photographer must agree to sign and return our agreement form. Click here for the Photographer’s Agreement. 

We also ask that you include a statement in your printed program requesting that your guests “refrain from using flash photography during the wedding ceremony.” It is important that your ushers remind your guests that once the music begins no flash photography is permitted.

If you would like us to make a DVD of your wedding and reception, please speak with our Wedding Coordinator, John Estrem.

We look forward to walking this exciting journey with you as you prepare for making this important commitment of marriage and to celebrate your gift of love in the spirit of divine worship.

Click here for your wedding planning check list.

Click here for the Registration for the Service of Holy Matrimony Registration form.

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