Special Giving Opportunities

In the course of our wide-ranging ministry, seeking to meet the needs of people in every age and stage of life, it becomes necessary to expand, re-define and explore new forms of ministry. Even as we cling to our foundational purpose of being a worshiping body of believers, the church is in a constant state of responding to new callings.

Wayzata Community Church has a long history of creative, cutting-edge ministries and programs that are relevant to society and meaningful in our local community. The vision for the church is a comprehensive approach to ministry that creates opportunities in every age and stage of life. For all these reasons from the past, and for countless possibilities in the future, Wayzata Community Church has developed several opportunities for special giving through one time or major gifts and deferred gifts, including an endowment fund.

Future Needs
Wayzata Community Church celebrated its 134th anniversary in 2015. Over its long
and wonderful history, the church has been seen as a beacon on the hill. More than ever, the voice and ministries of Wayzata Community Church are needed in our community, our region, and our nation as a beacon guiding all people to an authentic experience of God’s amazing grace. Perhaps we can all do our part in giving the church a special gift in the form of an immediate gift or join the Heritage Fund with a deferred gift. In doing so, we will embrace our heritage and ensure our response to Christ’s Great Commission for another 134 years.

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