Make an Increased Promise to Support Your Church


At Wayzata Community Church we’ve been making (and keeping) promises to each other, the community and the world at-large for over 130 years. Promises of engaging programming for all ages, inspiring worship, and great opportunities to build fellowship with incredible people.

Are you and your family engaged with the High School ministry? Courageous Conversations? Choirs? Rummage? Everyone connects with the church in different ways, so make your INCREASED promise for all that you love about Wayzata Community Church!

grace-1$30/month increase

Increasing your support by just $30/month —$360 per year goes a long way:

  • Enjr-at-wowhancing our vibrant worship through new and growing services like WoW


  • Expanding our adult formation through dsc_0402-mission-trip-1new ministries such as Soul Sisters, Unique Families, etc.


Your $360 increase will cover the typical musician payments  for one winter WoW service.

growth$20/month increase

Increasing your support by just $20/month — $240/year changes lives:

  • dsc_5493-camp-1Helping more youth/children attend Summer Camp and our youth ministries


  • parables-7Providing more respite care for our Parables families through additional staffing


The church spends an average of $22.60 for each person attending one single worship service.

giving$10/month increase

Increasing your support by just $10/month — $120/year makes ministry possible:

  • celebration-super-bowl-soul-singersExtending our outreach work through mission projects locally and worldwide


  • cave-quest-kidsProviding weekly Christian education opportunities for children and youth


The church invests just over $850 each year providing programming for every young person Pre-K through 5th grade.  That number jumps to more than $1,500 for each high school participant.

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