WCC One-Time Set-up for Text Giving

ONE Open your text app and enter the phone number, 952-800-9300.  Enter a donation amount in the message box.  Hit send.


TWO  You will receive an immediate text message in return with a link to a secure website.

Click on the link and you will be asked to enter personal information like your name and credit card or bank ACH information.  Submit that information when asked.









THREE You will receive an email img_1047receipt for your donation.  Your donation will be entered in the church records when records are updated weekly.

That’s it!  Once you have entered the information this one time, the system will remember your phone number.  All you have to do is open your text app, enter the phone number, 952-800-9300 and the amount you wish to donate into the text box.  ­­­Once you hit send you will receive an email receipt for your donation.

Enter the phone number into your Contacts list.  Have some fun with how yimg_1049ou name this contact.  Make it easy to remember.

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