CREO Arts & Dance Conservatory

God created us body and soul to praise Him. He gave us the ability to move, to walk, to jump, to clap, and to wave. He also gave us rhythm—something the psalmist clearly recognized: “Praise the Lord with dancing” (Ps.149:3).

Perhaps you’ve seen the beautiful CREO dancers in our Sanctuary during worship and wondered who they were. For over five years, Wayzata Community Church has been blessed with a very special partnership directly with CREO Arts and Dance Conservatory, based right here in Wayzata. CREO is a Latin word meaning I Think; I Create; I Believe

Their Director, Christa Anderson, reached out to WCC in 2011 as a possible way for her dancers to become involved in Worship Services, and a partnership was formed. Since then, CREO has been involved in at least 3-4 Worship Services per year (including Ash Wednesday and the Children’s Christmas Music Sunday) every year, as well as partnering with WCC’s own Good Works Community Theater and Music Ministries on productions such as “Amahl and the Night Visitors”, “Fiddler on the Roof”, and most recently, “Clear The Stage” with Tapestry.

CREO is committed to building strong, creative, commitment-minded, joyful, wholesome artists, and many of their students choose to participate in faith based classes which include prayer, Biblical application, traditional dance technique and movement to Christian Faith based music.

This Fall, CREO will join us in worship in September 10.

We give thanks to God for this beautiful partnership, and look forward to many more years of creating and inspiring the world with the inclusive love of Jesus through every creative means possible, even dance.

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