Special Events & Travel Ministry – Israel/Palestine-Holy Land

Israel/Palestine-Holy Land & A Celtic Pilgrimage

A Journey of Faith and Discovery;
The Holy Land Today
October 25-November 7, 2017
Led by Rev. S. Lindy Purdy and Mike and Marcia Bussey

This journey to the Holy Land will be more than a site-seeing trip, although we will see the major sites that are sacred to Christians, Jews, and Muslims.  It will be a trip of experiences that excites the senses, stimulates and promotes our understanding of the complexities of the Middle East, and inspires our faith journey along the way. Led by Rev. S. Lindy Purdy and Mike and Marcia Bussey. 

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Registration is now closed for this trip.

Preparation Sessions include:
Historical Geography of the Region, Religious context of the three monotheistic faiths: Christianity, Islam and Judaism, current events of Israel/Palestine.  A reading list will be provided for all participants. 

Itinerary will include:  1 night in the ancient port city of Jaffa; 3 nights on the Sea of Galilee at Scot’s Hotel; 2 nights at a Dead Sea Spa Hotel; visiting desert sites with a jeep trip in the Judean/Negev desert; a drive along the Jordan river with Baptism/rededication of Baptism, in the Jordan as an optional activity; a visit in Jericho—the world’s oldest city; concluding with 5 days in the city of Jerusalem with sides trips to Bethlehem and Biblical Samaria.  While in Jerusalem we will walk the Via Dela Rosa, descend the Mount of Olives, visit the 4 quarters of the Old City, The Church of the Holy Sepuchre, The City of David, Hezakiah’s Tunnel, The Western Wall.


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