Purchase Biblical Paintings by Krista Johnson

If you have admired the two paintings by Krista Johnson, which hang in the stairwell at the West Entrance of the church, they are now available for you to purchase for your own home or as a gift.  Click Here to Order!

Krista Johnson is now offering these Giclée prints on paper and canvas for a limited time. And, 40% of the profits made from sales will be donated to WCC’s mission and outreach project for the community room at Kimberly Meadows in Plymouth.

Backstory about the paintings
The original were commissioned by Krista’s mother, Bette Johnson, with the request that one of them portray Jesus’ great love and compassion. In response, Krista painted the story of “Jairus’ Daughter”. The other painting “Woman Caught in Adultery” Krista chose as an example of the inclusive love of Jesus.

The Artist’s Statement
The story of Jairus’ Daughter touched me as a mother because the loss of a child would be devastating. To imagine her feelings of desperation and pain move to incredulity and joy drew me in. My mother, who commissioned these paintings, asked that one of them portray Jesus’ great love and compassion. To me, the story asks us to see that his love is not just death defying, but actually life giving. I believe this is a fundamental teaching that Jesus so desperately wanted us to hear. The interior setting adds to the story. I feel that the darkness and shadows create a stillness that highlight the sacredness of His act.

I chose to paint the ‘Woman Caught in Adultery” as an example of the inclusive love of Jesus. Jesus does not condemn the woman, but instead condemns those who persecute her. It is one of my favorite messages from the Bible because I believe it asks me to take responsibility for my sins and to have compassion for those unlike me. I liked the challenge of showing the many different emotions present in the scene: the fear and humiliation in the woman, Jesus’ anger and the embarrassment of the men turning away. The man in the lower left is one of my favorite. He is looking directly at the viewer, asking us ‘what would we do?’

Printing Overview (Printing done by BamBam Grafix)
Giclée Printing
Giclée is a French word (pronounced Zhee-Clay) which means “to spray”. Giclée fine art prints are produced digitally on high quality inkjet printers, which have the capability to reproduce a much wider range of colors than conventional processes, due to the specially formulated inks and media used. (Read more about the Giclée printing process here. -Link to full story on website – e copy only)

Our ink set
According to Epson and third party independent research results, Epson’s pigment ink set is the most stable ink available on the market at this time (100-200 years under normal conditions), and also have a wider color gamut which will enhance the reproduction quality of our giclee prints even more than before.

Long lasting print materials
It is important to recognize that the combination of both ink and paper determine the longevity of a print. We have fine art papers and canvas that exhibit exceptional detail, color and longevity.

Prints On Canvas
Our canvas prints are produced using the very best materials and the latest Ultrachrome inks, which have a display life in excess of 75 years, when displayed indoors, out of direct sunlight. Canvas prints include a varnish and u.v. protected coating in the cost of the print.

Giclee Prints (Unframed)
11×14   (image size 9×12)  $59
16×20   (image size 14×18)  $134

Prints on Canvas
18×24    $206
25×35    $285
36×46    $483

Click here to order!

Other sizes are available in both prints and on canvas. Please inquire with the artist about price and sizes.

For more information or to order your prints, contact Krista Johnson directly at kristaleejohn@msn.com or 952-200-8244.

To see more of Krista’s work, visit her exhibit in the Long Hall of the church or see the clergy portraits (including Rev. John F. Ross) outside the Pastoral Offices.

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