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Q: What if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the school?
A: Families and staff are asked to contact the NS office immediately if they, or someone in their household, are showing symptoms of COVID-19. WCCNS will coordinate with the local health officials. These officials will guide us on determining a course of action for the classroom and/or school.

Q: What if a child or family member is feeling sick?
A: Please contact the NS office if anyone in the household is showing symptoms and we will guide you on the next steps.

Q: Are students at WCCNS required to wear a mask at school?
A: Children are not required to wear a mask at school.

Q: Are teachers and staff required to wear a mask?
A: All WCCNS staff is required to wear a mask when in common areas like hallways, staff lounge, resource room, or kitchenette. Staff is required to have a mask on them at all times. If they are close and assisting a student, they must put on their mask. All teachers are given face shields to wear in their classroom when working with students in a large or small group.

Q: Is WCCNS doing a distance learning format?
A: In the event that there is a temporary closure of the school, WCCNS will provide each student with a “virtual learning” packet to take home. This will allow the classroom to ease into a virtual learning format throughout the year. This will look different for each classroom based on age and teaching team.

Q: Will families be charged tuition if we go into a distance learning format?
A: If the closure is short-term and we can move into our virtual learning plan, we will continue to bill for tuition during that time. If we move into a long-term closure, we will stop billing for tuition and offer reimbursements when needed.

Q: Is WCCNS doing extended care or enrichments classes?
A: Yes, it will be offered on a limited bases in order to follow the “pod” format. Please contact the NS office for more information.

Q: Are parents and/or caregivers allowed in the school?
A: Parents and caregivers will be allowed to enter the entrance of the church building but not the school hallways, until further notice.

Q: What will drop-off/pick-up look like?
A: WCCNS will use both sides of the building for arrival and dismissal which will begin at 8:45 or 11:30 am. Pre-k and treehouse rooms will be dropped off at the west entrance, curbside. The rest of the school will drop-off inside the east entrance where they will be welcomed by staff and move to their room in a group. Sunshine rooms will drop-off at the playground.

Q: What will the daily health screen look like?
A: Each family is asked to have one (designated) adult drop-off and pick-up, daily. They will be asked a series of health related questions and children will have their temperature taken by an infrared thermometer by their classroom teacher.

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