Wishes Storytelling Project


A Storytelling Project

Do you have a “Wish for the World”? We invite to you to share them with our church community!

The idea
Several years ago, two artists from Hallmark Creative Studio asked “elders” around the country this question. As anticipated, their responses were thoughtful, revealing and full of wisdom. The wishes they shared were made into an art exhibit which included both their printed “wish stories” and a special piece of art that had been created especially to accompany their wish. You can learn more about this inspiring project in this video. 

When we envision ourselves as God’s faithful bridgebuilders, healers, connectors and peacemakers, we are empowered to share God’s love with the world. We invite you to share your wishes, your dreams, your wisdom, and your stories!  Eventually, your wishes will grow to be the foundation that creates a WISH Storytelling Exhibit at Wayzata Community Church. We are engaging people in our church community — artists, photographers, visionaries and other creative folks, who, inspired by the Wishes, will develop the art for the storytelling exhibit through their chosen mediums (sculpture, collage, painting, photography, and more!) There is no more wonderful way to get to know people than to share and learn about and hear their stories. We can not wait to hear yours! (Note: If you would like your wish to remain anonymous, just make note of that and we will honor that!) (If you would like some ideas for getting started on a Wish, click here.)

Submit Your Wish!
Everyone is invited to share their Wishes! There is no age limit, and there are no barriers. All wishes are welcome.  

You may submit your Wishes in this online form — or, if you prefer, you can download a Wish form.  They’re also available at the reception desk outside the Business Office.

If you are an artist or creative person who would like to participate in creating art for the Wish Storytelling Exhibit, please let send an email to Marnie Baehr at We will be installing the WISH exhibit at Wayzata Community Church during Lent in February 2024. 

Questions? Contact Marnie Baehr ( or Autumn Toussaint (

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