About Us

Wayzata Community Church draws from a long and rich tradition that originates with the Pilgrims and the early experience in democracy and religious freedom of this great nation. Following in that tradition, we at Wayzata Community Church value individual expressions of faithfulness, involvement in community welfare, and the autonomy of the local church. Wayzata Community Church welcomes all people as they seek to know God, and to follow in the ways of Jesus Christ.

Our History of Service:
Wayzata Community Church was organized in 1882, the first church in the frontier town of Wayzata. We like to stress that “Community” is our middle name. We are justly proud of our 125+ years of continuous service, care and outreach to the needs of our community. Because of this commitment, there are ample opportunities to become involved in our mission of service to the community and the world.

Faith Formation:
We believe that the formation of a relationship with God is a lifetime process. Every worship service, program, class, Bible study, mission trip and service experience contributes to the formation of our faith community. Since faith formation takes place in different ways in each stage of life, we are committed to responding to the unique needs of each age, by providing appropriate ministries at every age and stage of life.

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