Who We Are

We are a family of one and one family of many… inspiring the world with the inclusive love of Jesus.

What does this mean?
For over 135 years, WCC has been a church for the whole “family” of God. We treasure our faith heritage and insure its continuance with excellence in our worship, mission, faith formation, pastoral care, and fellowship.

So what makes up a family? One or many is the answer. You see, it is not about the number of people in the family, it is about each of us and our spiritual journey. Together we all comprise the body of Jesus.

We are committed to diversity, knowing that to truly follow Jesus; we must honor the guiding principle that discrimination is incompatible with Jesus Christ’s message of unconditional love. 

We welcome into full membership and participation in all aspects of our church life, persons of every race, language, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical or mental ability, economic or marital status and faith background, and we officiate and celebrate all loving and committed relationships.

As with most families, varying opinions are a way of life and require courageous conversations. At WCC, we welcome all opinions and agree that each holds its own unique value. Courageous conversations lead to mutual understanding, which contributes to the “common” good and to the glory of God.

Most of all, we value the extraordinary gifts that God has given each of us. Whether it is within our own “church family” or around the world, helping others is one of the most valuable gifts we can share to exemplify the goodness and generosity of God.

WCC is a family of one and one family of many. Be inspired and come help us inspire the world!

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