Church Council, Boards & Committees

Vision and Mission
WCC Constitution
Rules of Procedure
Annual Report (including financial statements)
Council Minutes (requires log in to WC-Connect, then click “files”)
WCC Boards & Committees

May 22, 2018: Proposed Amendments to Rules of Procedure
May 22, 2018: Summary of Proposed Updates to Council Rules of Procedure

2018-19 Wayzata Community Church Council

Mark Bayley, Moderator

Ann Shaw, Vice Moderator
Ann Stewart, Immediate Past Moderator
Jeff Page, Finance Director
Kris Sanford, Personnel Director 
Jane Nibbe, Planning Director
Mindy Keenan, Secretary
Rev. Dr John Ross, Senior Minister
Laura Janckila, Director of Operations

Council At-Large 2019
Erik Ahlquist
Elizabeth LaFrenz
Sarah Linden
Yvonne Lutz
Warren Wolfe

Council At-Large 2020
Kathie Challgren
Tara Engebretson
Spencer Holmes
Andy Mullin
Mark Palmer

Council At-Large 2021
Phyllis Foreman
Jonathan Robinson
Maureen Shaver
Mike Sund
Scott Yokiel

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