Piper Library

The Piper Library is a quiet, light-filled space which offers comfortable seating and study tables. It is conveniently located off the East side of Founders Hall and is open on Sunday mornings and during regular church office hours: Monday through Fridays, 9:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.

The Collection
The collection consists of approximately 2,500 volumes, shelved according to the Dewey Decimal system. The largest concentration of titles is in those sections devoted to religion and spiritual guidance, including books relating to all of the other predominate religious faiths. But there are also major areas devoted to fiction, history, biography, art and current affairs.

There are separate sections devoted to young adult books and to children’s books, the latter of which augment those offered by the Knutzen Children’s Library.

A religious reference collection is also provided, including a variety of Bible translations, atlases, commentaries, Bible dictionaries, concordances, etc. These particular books are restricted for use only in the Library.

The Library Committee selects and maintains the collection, removing books that have become worn or out-dated and adding new titles each year through purchase, donation, or through the Gifts-in-Kind program of the Rummage Sale.

Check-out Procedures
Books may be taken out for a three-week period by following the self checkout directions posted on the Library desk.

An Invitation
The Piper Library Committee invites everyone to come in and browse or study, check out books, or simply to relax in this pleasant setting. Any suggestions from individuals are most welcome as are donations of appropriate books in good condition.

The Purpose of the Piper Library at Wayzata Community Church Is:
  • To provide books and materials to our members that encourage and support the ministries of the church and enrich the spiritual and intellectual lives of our congregation.
  • To encourage members to grow and affirm their Christian faith by providing materials that allow them to explore the history and broader teachings of Christianity and other world religions.
  • To provide spiritually affirming fiction and non-fiction literature and audio-visual materials for entertainment and learning.
  • Summary:   Belief, Affirmation, Education.
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