The Greatest Story Ever Told

On September 8, 2013 Wayzata Community Church began an epic journey through the entire Bible—from cover to cover. The Greatest Story Ever Told invited members, friends, and visitors of WCC into a rare experience of scripture in four separate, but integrated ways.

Our worship life, as always, is grounded in scripture as the source of our themes and topics.  Through The Greatest Story Ever Told, we worshiped our way through the entire Bible from Genesis to the Revelation of John over 43 Sundays.  The series was presented in eight segments, concluding on Sunday, June 29, 2014.

Under the gifted leadership of Allen Hilton, virtually every study / learning group at Wayzata Community Church followed The Greatest Story Ever Told. From Bible for Dummies to Sunday School classes, our formation ministries provided opportunities to take the worship experience to a deeper level of learning, understanding, and application.

Download a pdf of entire “The Greatest Story Ever Told” series here.
Click here for podcasts and videos of sermons from the start of the series at Wayzata Community Church on 9/8/2013.

Series 1—Wild Ride
, 9/8—10/6, 4 weeks
Series 2—Homeland, 10/13—11/10, 5 weeks
Series 3—Marketplace, 11/17—12/15, 6 weeks
Series 4—Prophet-ability, 12/22—2/2, 8 weeks
Series 5—Down, 2/9—2/16, 4 weeks
Series 6—In, 3/9—4/20, 7 weeks
Series 7—Out, 4/27—5/18, 4 weeks
Series 8—Next, 5/25—6/29, 6 weeks

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