Prayer Chain

submit a prayer request

If praying for others is a call on your heart, we invite you to become a prayer partner with members of our community.

As a WCC Prayer Chain member, you’ll receive an email from Wayzata Community Church approximately once a week listing prayer needs.  You, and all the others in our Prayer Chain, can each do your part to lift up the joys and concerns of our community in prayer.  We believe that God honors all prayers that come from a loving heart, and that God knows our name and our need intimately.

You are welcome to submit a prayer request of your own.  Prayer request cards are also available in our Prayer Room.  When we receive prayer requests, they will be sent to Prayer Chain prayers unless you specifically request that your prayer is given only to clergy.  Prayer requests will remain active for 30 days and can be renewed and updated.  We would be honored to serve you in this way.

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