About Us


The statements below serve as a description of how faith is taught, preached, and practiced at Wayzata Community Church today, understanding that God is still speaking.

We Believe:
• In God’s unconditional love and grace, which extends to all people
• In Jesus Christ whose life reveals God’s redeeming work in the human family
• In the Holy Spirit which brings us into closer harmony with God, creation, one
another, and ourselves

Therefore, as Disciples We:
• Follow the path of Jesus Christ, while respecting other pathways to God
• Encourage each person’s individual spiritual journey, embracing a variety of
sacred practices
• Reach out in love to those in need locally, nationally, and internationally
• Find more grace in the search for meaning than in absolute certainty
• Are united by faith, called to serve, inspired to think

We are a family of one and one family of many… inspiring the world with the inclusive love of Jesus. For over 135 years, WCC has been a church for the whole “family” of God. We treasure our faith heritage and ensure its continuance with excellence in our worship, mission, faith formation, pastoral care, and fellowship.

We are committed to diversity, knowing that to truly follow Jesus; we must honor the guiding principle that discrimination is incompatible with Jesus Christ’s message of unconditional love.

We welcome into full membership and participation in all aspects of our church life, persons of every race, language, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical or mental ability, economic or marital status and faith background, and we officiate and celebrate all loving and committed relationships.

We believe difference is an asset, rather than a threat.  That’s an odd statement in a society that draws lines of division between rich and poor, white and brown, gay and straight.  It’s peculiar in a nation where 43% of Democrats and Republicans are deeply concerned that their child might marry someone from the opposite party. But at Wayzata Community Church we truly believe that we grow stronger by keeping difference together in conversation and fellowship.

We got the idea from Jesus.  When he gathered disciples, he brought together a Roman tax collector named Matthew and a Jewish zealot named Simon, who hoped to overthrow Roman power.  In his ministry, he reached out to the very poor and the very rich and told a story that cast as its hero his culture’s loathed ethnic enemy, a Samaritan.  Jesus reached across lines between insiders and outsiders and loved indiscriminately.

This is why we are a “Purple Church.”  We want everyone to feel welcome here.  We have not reached far enough yet or welcomed fully enough.  But God is calling us to open our hearts and our doors ever wider.  We aspire to be a part of the solution to American polarization and segregation.  And we think a church that reflects the inclusive love of Jesus will ultimately inspire the world.  Does this vision inspire you?  Join us!

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