Vision & Mission

We believe God is active in the world and that God has a specific calling and claim on our unique gifts, history, and resources as a church. Through our Vision and Mission we explicitly join God’s work in the world in moving toward a less divided and divisive world. You as an individual have the power to inspire the world by finding your own unique way of living out the call of our Vision and Mission.

Inspire the world with the inclusive love of Jesus.

To be a caring community drawn together by God’s grace and called to personally live out Christ’s love.

To actively extend a welcome invitation to all people, embracing each other with uncompromising compassion.

To boldly challenge our own complacency through courageous conversation and transformational worship.

To relentlessly share our extraordinary gifts through life-changing mission and service—near and far.

Enjoy Worship
The community we share and the good we do emanate from our joy-filled, life-changing times of gathered worship, as we bring our whole selves before God.  “We come, worship the Lord, for we are God’s people.” (Psalm 95.6-7)

Build Community
God is building trust between us that allows us to put others’ interests before our own.  In this way, we share together in God’s magnificent love with one another.  (Philippians 2.4)

Celebrate Difference
We see difference as an asset, rather than a threat. We grow when we encounter people whose gifts and worldviews challenge and teach us. (1 Corinthians 12.4-7)

Embody Integrity
We seek to honor God by being the same in our inner lives as we are in the ones we show the world – both as individuals and as a community. (John 1.47)

Practice Grace
We live gently toward one another, assuming the best of one another as we work together.  This means living out St. Francis’ prayer, “not so much to be understood as to understand.” (Matthew 7.12)

Live Generosity
We freely offer our whole selves – what we have and what we can do – to God and to one another.  In the words of Jesus, “Where our treasure is, there our heart is also.” (Matthew 6.21)

Love Serving
Worshipping God and learning about Jesus and experiencing fellowship through the Spirit move us out of the center of our universe, so we are free to give of ourselves to the world. (2 Corinthians 5.14-15)

Evaluate short- and long-term scenarios to accommodate the growth and philosophy of our very successful summer camp program.

Community Housing
Address homelessness in our community by supporting the development of affordable housing in partnership with Beacon and Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners (IOCP).

Expand the ministry to the special needs community through relevant and impactful worship, deeper engagement and continuous support.

Worship on Wednesday
Continue to build our invitational, inspirational and intergenerational Wednesday worship service while reinvigorating all fellowship and educational offerings.


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