Gifts from the Dark: Lent 2017

Join Rev. Rustin Comer for a Lenten Bible Study, Wednesdays at 4 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. in the Chapel, beginning Ash Wednesday. This is an open study and you are welcome to attend any time. The Gifts of the Dark Wood book will be available for purchase at the classes on March 1.

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We’ve all been there. In the dark, where failure, emptiness and uncertainty live. Eric Elnes has written a remarkable book called “Gifts of the Dark Wood.” This book offers a hopeful, humorous, and poetic look at how walking through the Dark moments of our lives can lead to the discovery of profound gifts.  What better time in the life of WCC to explore these themes than in the season of Lent.  Eric’s book will guide our Lenten Journey and  is fodder for a deeper knowing about who we are and where our path in life is going. Our hope is that this Lenten journey, Gifts from the Dark, will shine light into places that seem too dark to talk about, or too difficult to journey alone.

This book combined with our sermon series will speak profoundly to many.  We will also dive deep together through table groups and small group book studies.  There are opportunities for all ages and stages to get involved as community and grow in faith.  Don’t miss this excellent opportunity for Wayzata Community Church and those who want to have deeper conversations about faith and life in the presence of our dark moments.

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