January Sermon Series

That’s (NOT) In the Bible:  White Lies & Half Truths
 Sometimes we say things we don’t believe in the hopes that it might help someone we care about— little white lies.  Other times we say things we haven’t fully thought through that turn out to be half true— at best. Often, we speak these words believing that they come from the Bible and we intend good, but the long term consequences can be harmful.  In this 4-part collaboration among our four clergy leaders, we will explore four of these common phrases in the hope of discovering better language that has positive long term consequences.
 •   January 6:  God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle (Danielle Jones)
  January 13:  God Helps Those Who Help Themselves (John Ross)
•   January 20:  This Too Shall Pass (Lindy Purdy)
•   January 27:  Hate The Sin, Love The Sinner (Rustin Comer)
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