Jesus, Buddha & Me: Interfaith Sermon & Lecture Series

Jesus, Buddha, & Me
Interfaith Sermon and Lecture Series
June 2019

As our world shrinks, our hearts and minds expand. The religious diversity of our nation and neighborhoods gives us daily chances to meet people from other faith traditions. Our younger generations have grown up in a religiously pluralistic context. These realities and others motivate us to increase our understanding of other religious traditions.

In June, we will turn our attention to Buddhism. Unlike our sibling Abrahamic traditions of Judaism and Islam, Christianity does not have a shared history with Buddhism but it does hold many of the same core values.  Although not built on a system of beliefs, Buddhism invites practices that plumb the depth of our connections to God, the world around us, and ourselves.  

Can you be Christian and Buddhist at the same time?  Are Buddhist practices and values incompatible with those of Christianity? Is Buddhism a religion, a way of life, or a philosophy?  

These are among the questions we will explore in our annual Interfaith Sermon and Lecture Series this June. Beginning in worship on June 9, we will alternate
between Sunday sermons and Wednesday night lectures in the Chapel following
Music+Message. Join us as we go deeper into our own tradition and discover the ways in which we share the heart of God with all people.

Week One
Sermon: Sunday, June 9: Buddhist Basics
Movie Screening: Walk With Me, Sunday, June 9: 5:00 pm, Wakefield Chapel
Lecture: Wednesday, June 12* (7:30 p.m., Chapel):
Ted O’Toole,
Understanding Buddhism

Week Two
Sermon: Sunday, June 16: 3 Universal Truths
Lecture: Wednesday, June 19* (7:30 p.m., Chapel)
Bussho Lahn, Zen Buddhism in Minnesota

Week Three
Sermon: Sunday, June 23: The 8-Fold Path
Lecture: Wednesday, June 26* (7:30 p.m., Chapel)
Susan Stabile, Buddhism & Christianity

*  Music+Message begins at 5:30 p.m. on the front lawn. Lectures begin in Wakefield     Chapel following Music+Message. 

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