How Dough Works

PHASE 1: APPLY (September 10, 2023 – January 2, 2024)

Applicants city-wide who meet all criteria are invited to submit an introduction to their project via our online Submittable portal. 

PHASE 2: SCREEN (January 4, 2024 – January 17, 2024)

All ideas will be screened according to an objective set of criteria evaluating the concept around three questions:

  1. Is this a good idea?
  2. Is this a feasible idea?
  3. Is this a church fit?Selected semi-finalists will be moved to phase 3.

PHASE 3: NAVIGATE (January 11, 2024 – April 26, 2024)

Semi-finalists will be paired up with a “Navigator” who will serve as a main point of contact to shepherd applicants forward through the process. In this phase, “Skills Coaches”–church members who have deep knowledge and who are willing to provide their support to you at no cost–will be available to help you polish your idea.

A one day in-person “Rise Day” on February 24, 2024, will gather all accepted teams to allow selected semi-finalists to experience hands-on consulting support, critical pitch help, business and strategy planning assistance, as well as invaluable networking with other like-minded young social entrepreneurs. The point of this phase is to prepare for “Pitch Week.

PHASE 4: PITCHING (May 3, 2024-May 22, 2024)

“Pitch Week” will be an applicant’s opportunity to finally pitch their idea to a group of judges empowered by the church to award funding from a pool of $225,000 to the best pitches and ideas.

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