I heard a word . . . Whopper (December 27, 2016)


This year was our 1st Annual “Games not Gifts” Christmas.  We were not perfect, but we made a good start toward a different focus for our holiday time together.  One of the games we played on Christmas Day was called “Name the Candy.”  Each contestant got an unmarked brown lunch bag with a bag or bar of candy and they had to get the group to “name the candy” by acting it out, drawing it, or producing an appropriate jingle.  One bag contained Whoppers.

It was such fun to see “whopper” acted out.  We guessed everything from elephant, to hot air balloon, to sky scraper.  All we knew is that it was big—it was a whopper!  I have always associated “whopper” with a tall tale, a fabricated story of enormous proportions, and that is what I think Christmas Santa Claus style has become.  Bigger, more, over-the-top; a fabricated story of enormous proportions.


While the true story of Christmas is a very big deal, but everything about it is small—a tiny baby, in a small town, a quiet birth, God’s humble entry into the world.  Interesting.


I heard a word . . . Logos     December 13, 2016


Logos is Greek for “word.” In its Greek form, it implies a plea to logic, and it is the root of our word “logic.”  In a theological context logos means the Word of God, or principle of divine reason and creative order.  For John, the author of the fourth gospel, Jesus is the word, the logos, God speaking and revealing Godself to the world.

I love the thought of God choosing a baby, a just-beginning-person, to be the vehicle of revealing and speaking to us.  Someone we can learn to love, and learn from how to love.

And I find it ironic and that this baby Jesus would not have been at all logical in that day.  The world was looking for a powerful prophet or a mighty king.  Logos of God—speak to us, make your word known to us.