If you’ve seen the new Grow Wednesday brochure, you may be thinking what does this mean for Early Childhood Ministry?  Here, you will find more information and clarification on all of the information your family needs to know about these exciting changes so you can feel prepared for the start of our program year.

  • Before Rally Sunday – Registration & iPad Donations
  • Arriving at WCC – Check In & Drop Off
  • Departing WCC – Pick Up
  • Curriculum
  • Specifics About Sundays
  • Specifics About Wednesdays

Before Rally Sunday – Registration & iPad Donations

This year, it is more important than ever to register your child for Early Childhood Ministry.  Our number one goal is to keep your child safe while they are in our care and the best way to achieve safety is by collecting important information through registration.   Our new registration is streamlined. Filling out this new registration also allows us to implement electronic check in for all of our Sunday and Wednesday classes and events throughout the year.

We are using iPad’s to run our electronic check in and we could use a few more.  If you have an old iPad sitting around, or are looking to replace your current one, we would greatly appreciate the donation of your iPad to the Family Ministry Team to help keep all of our kids safe!  3rd or 4th generation iPad’s are preferred, but we would gladly accept a 2nd generation iPad if that’s what you have.  Contact Kjerstee Miller, Family Ministry Team Admin, at if you would like to donate.

Where do I register?
You can register your child for Early Childhood Ministry – Click Here to Register

Why should I register before Rally Sunday?
Registering your child before Rally Sunday, on September 16th, will allow your family to move through the check in stations as quickly as possible.  Preregistered families will be able to arrive at any check in station, enter their phone number to print their child’s name tag, and be on their way to drop off  in the Early Childhood Center.   Unregistered families will be able to register on the spot at our designated check in for new families, but this process is a bit more time consuming.  All children have to be registered in order to be dropped off in our Early Childhood Center so why not get it done ahead of time to make your morning that much easier!

Arriving at WCC – Check-In & Drop Off

When you arrive at WCC, you will see several iPad check in stations located just inside the doors of both East and West entrances.   Families can check in all of their children at the same time at any of the stations.  At each entrance there will also be a check in station for new families who haven’t registered yet and someone will be there to assist in the registration process.

If your child is already registered,  choose any iPad check in station and enter your phone number.  Then you will select the child(ren) you are checking in and print their name tag.  The name tag will have important information, like which classroom they belong to and allergy info, to help us keep your child safe while they are in our care.  Along with the child’s name tag will be a parent pickup sticker.  Make sure to keep it with you because the corresponding parent pick up sticker is required in order to let your child leave the Early Childhood Center.

After your child is checked in and their name tag has been printed and put on them, walk your child into the main door of our Early Childhood Center, located at the East Entrance.  At the end of the hallway will be the drop off spot where we will have background checked and pre-screened teachers and volunteers to walk your child to their designated classroom.


I have a child in Early Childhood Ministry and a child in Children’s Ministry, can I check both of them in at the same time?
Yes!  By entering your phone number at any of our check in stations, our system will pull up each family member who is registered under that number.  You can select each child and the system will check both of them in and you are able to print both of their name tags.

If I have a child in Early Childhood Ministry do I have to check in at the East Entrance?
Nope!  All check in stations are the same so you can check in at the East or West Entrance.  If you check in at the West Entrance, just follow the blue line down the hallway and it will lead you to the East Entrance to drop your child off in our Early Childhood Center.

How come I can no longer walk my child to their classroom?
To keep all of our children safe, only background checked and pre-screened teachers and volunteers are allowed past the drop off spot.  What is excellent about our registration system is that we have all parent contact information and will communicate with you about your child’s needs after drop off when necessary.

Departing WCC – Pick Up

Pick up will happen in a similar way as drop off.  To pick up your child, head down to the Early Childhood Center main door, located at the East Entrance.  Enter in that door and down the hallway to the drop off spot.  When you arrive someone will greet you and ask for the parent pick up sticker that was printed out along with your child’s name tag.  That pick up sticker is how we make sure an authorized person is picking up your child.  A teacher or volunteer will go to your child’s classroom and walk them to the drop off spot where we will put them back in your care and your family can go on your way to enjoying the rest of your day.  Pick up may take a little longer than it has, but


I checked my child in and dropped them off.  Can my spouse pick them up?
Of course!  As long as your spouse has the pick up sticker that corresponds to your child’s name tag, they can pick up your child.

I lost my parent pickup sticker, now what?
We totally understand that sometimes things get lost in the chaos of a Sunday morning.  If you have lost your parent pickup sticker, let our staff know and we will look up your child’s registration information to make sure the person picking up is authorized to do so.  We appreciate your patience as we look up your information.

Sundays – 9am

The main door to the Early Childhood Center, located at the East Entrance, will open at 8:45am to begin the drop off process.



Contact / Location

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Worship / Calendar

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