Sunday mornings were shaped with our favorite people (high school students) in mind. In high school ministry, one of our largest goals is to foster a sense of belonging in each student that walks through the doors. To do this, we’re connecting students around the church to be leaders in meaningful service opportunities that matter to them. Through childcare, parables community events, and worship leadership opportunities we know high schoolers can find both meaning and purpose in serving others.
We also want to support students attending important high school ministry events like the Mexico mission trip, Colorado Senior trip, and retreat. This happens by giving students opportunities to earn mission money, that goes towards the trip of their choice, for serving within our church. You can sign up to do this by following this link! 
Sunday mornings also have a connection point built-in with Gabe Flynn and Jordan Masters from 10-10:30 am. This time was created for students to connect with us and each other about the opportunities they just experienced. It’s also before Milestones, Confirmation classes, and when class leaders meet at 10:30 am. Make sure to not miss these events by following along in our year-long calendar.
Register for High School Ministry Sundays and Wednesdays by following this link.

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