Reminder: this Wednesday is Ash Wednesday which means we will be celebrating with the whole church as 6:30! Join us before to have some pizza or volunteer for Mission in Motion by following this link!
We have so many exciting events planned for the next three months! Important dates to be thinking about:
  • Mexico Mission Trip: March 28th- April 2nd
  • Spring Retreat: May 3rd-May 5th (PARENTS: Please join us in the evening on May 4th to celebrate all students and their faith journey throughout the year).
  • Colorado Disciple Trip: July 6th- July 14th
Please reach out to Gabe or Jordan with any questions!

What’s happening in March?

  • March 3rd: High School on Sunday and 12th Grade Islamic Center visit at 11:45 am
  • March 6th: Ash Wednesday Worship at 6:30- Join us for this Church Wide Service, Mission in Motion- volunteer to help out at this event from 4-6:30
  • March 10th: High School on Sunday, Confirmation Class, and 12th Grade goes to Basillica Of Saint Mary.
  • March 13: High School on Wednesday
  • March 17th: High School on Sunday, Mexico Mission Trip Meeting at 10:30 am
  • March 20th: High School on Wednesday
  • March 24th: High School on Sunday and Mexico Mission Trip Meeting at 10:30 am
  • March 27th: No programming on Wednesday
  • March 28th: LEAVE FOR MEXICO!
  • March 31st: No Sunday programming as we’ll be in Mexico
  • Never miss a High School Ministry event by clicking here to access the calendar for the whole year!

Spring Retreat

Join us May 3rd-5th to celebrate our year of ministry together for the Spring Retreat! There will be fun, faith, and a whole lot of egg bake as we celebrate our year together.

Parents, please join us for a ceremony celebrating your student on May 4th at 6 pm. This is a time we lift up what they’ve been learning and focusing on this year at church.

High Schoolers! Volunteer at this event helping kids create service projects! Individuals and families will work on 10 different service projects together and learn about the non-profit organizations from representatives in our community. Kids receive a “passport” and stamps as they complete a project to keep track of the good work they are doing. Bring your friends and join in on the fun!

Click here to sign up to volunteer!



The program for our high school aged students is the ultimate camp experience. Every aspect of
camp is available to high schoolers! Favorite activities will include singing and dancing with Rick Shaw and the Makeshifts, full group games and activities, tubing on the lake, hammock(ing), rolling around in giant hamster balls,  as well as talks and in-depth faith discussions, and outdoor adventures on the lake! Don’t miss out, make sure you register this Sunday!


•  High School 1: June 8-14
•  High School 2: June 21-27
•  High School 3: July 15-21 (FULL)


We hope that after attending as a camper during a High School session, incoming 10th-12th grade students consider coming back to serve through our Work Crew Ministry. Work Crew is an opportunity for students to experience an extended service-based faith experience.
Each session consists of a small group of students who devote 2 camp sessions to serving
God, the camp, and the campers. By doing much of the behind-the-scenes work that enables camp to run so smoothly, the participants learn how to give of themselves without
seeking credit or praise. The Work Crew experience is the next step after a session at camp,
in pursuit of a deeper understanding of faith and faithful living.


  • Session 1: Saturday, June 8 – Thursday, June 20, 2019 (For graduated seniors only)
  • Session 2: Friday, June 21 – Wednesday, July 3, 2019 (FULL)
  • Session 3: Friday, July 5 –Sunday, July 14, 2019 (FULL)
  • Session 4: Monday, July 15 – Thursday, July 25, 2019

Come See Me!

Fill out this Come See Me! form and we’ll try and do exactly that! We love seeing you inside the church and at our events but let us come see you at your events!

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Big Smiles to you,

Jordan and Gabe

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