By Marshall Trees, Senior Leader
Wake up at Torey Pines Church in upstairs office/meeting rooms.
Very quiet. No dogs barking or rooster crowing. Carpet and pads better than dirt.
Tyler Hofer is the church contact.  Very friendly and said the place was ours.
Breakfast and morning devotion/Communion on patio looking over small valley. Very beautiful.
We received a T shirt from Amor and a cactus charm.
Very sunny and still in San Diego. Home is getting snow and cold. Hope our flight is on time.
Humming birds flying around were fun to watch.
Jets and helicopters flying over.
Very peaceful.
Time to pack up and head to airport.
Some kids were meeting their family and not return with our group. Going somewhere else Spring Break.
Kids were hugging each other and could tell they would be missed.
Kids were talking they could not believe they built a house.
Gabe and Jordan have vans and plans very orderly.
Airport was not busy and easy access to get around.
Somehow some of us got TSA pre-approved. Also bags checked at no cost. Big time saver. Thank you Mama Rojo and Doc.
Kids went all over for food but all got to eat.
We were able to sit together on the plane.
Take off a little late since our plane was late from MSP snow.
Kids were talking about the trip and watching movies. Some commented they could not believe they built a house.
Arrived home to snow and  a little late but our families were waiting for us.
It was great to be home.
Great trip.  Big thanks to Gabe and Jordan for the planning and coordinating the details.
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