Mexico Mission Trip Worship Prayer – Sunday, April 8th

The prayer shared by Mexico Trip Participant Hanna Rose during trip celebration in worship…

Dear God,
Thank you so very much for bringing us all here today to worship you in your glory in all the ways we can.

Thank you for the incredible music of Cantus that is here with us today, and bless them, their music, and all the hearts that their music touches with your love.

We give thanks for this incredible community, full of friends we know and friends we will make, that can come together from all walks of life through your inclusive love.

Thank you especially for the high school youth program, lead by incredible Gabe and Jordan, that this church has blessed so many lives with, including my own.

I thank you for the safe travels of myself and other high schoolers who journeyed to Mexico this past week to act as your hands and feet in the world by building stable homes for two incredibly deserving families. We have learned so much about your glory in this sacred place and am eternally grateful for the opportunity to learn about you in a place so different from our own.

Gracias por tu amor que no conoce límites, y gracias por abrir nuestros ojos a la necesidad siempre presente en nuestro mundo. In other words, Thank you for your love that knows no bounds, and thank you for opening our eyes to the ever present need in our world. Please continue to help the communities we visited in Mexico, and the lives of those who need your help all over the world.

We pray for the lives of those less fortunate than us and for those going through tough times this spring. Although we know this is a season of rebirth and renewal, we know that many that are experiencing hardship in the wake of recent events, all around the world and right next door. We pray for the families and survivors of the deadly hockey team bus crash in Canada this past week. And we pray for those effected by the deadly fire in Trump Tower in just the past few days.

We ask for your help in bringing peace and understanding to our very divided country in a time of such political turmoil. We pray for the dozens of young lives lost in recent school shootings and we ask for constructive change to make our community, state, and country safer. I thank you for the hundreds of young people beginning to take a stand against injustice in our world as I know that we make a difference.

God, thank you for all of the gifts you have blessed us with, and we give thanks for your continued and everlasting love and support for us. Thank you for the opportunity to gather here today. Amen.

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